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Get Relief for Shoulder Pain with Physical Therapy!

Physical therapy is an effective way to treat most types of shoulder pain. Whether you are recovering from surgery or simply struggling with day-to-day activities. Results is committed to help you get better, faster!

Get an Expert PT Diagnosis

Expert Diagnosis Results PTAfter earning a doctorate in physical therapy, our therapists commit to a three year orthopedic training program ensuring each patient experiences the highest quality of care.

Choose In-Clinic or Virtual Therapy

13 Results PT Clinics in AustinWith 15 clinics in the Austin area, chances are hands-on therapy is right around the corner.

Telehealth Results PTIf you're too busy to come in, we offer convenient Virtual Therapy via telehealth sessions through your computer, phone or tablet.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage Results PT   We're covered by most insurance.

Shoulder Conditions We Treat

We cover some of the most common shoulder conditions. Shoulder conditions we treat but are not limited to:

  • Impingement Syndrome
  • Rotator Cuff Syndrome
  • Subacromial Bursitis
  • Adhesive Capsulitis / Frozen Shoulder
  • Shoulder Instability
  • Shoulder Dislocation / Subluxation
  • Osteoarthritis / Joint Stiffness
  • AC / SC Joint Injuries
  • Post-op Shoulder Rehabilitation

What Our Patients Are Saying

"The Results team are all professional, caring and helpful in the improvement of my symptoms, improvement in range of motion, and relief of pain throughout the sessions there—-always on time, equipment and space well-maintained, and always upbeat. They make booking easy, and, location is a big plus! I have already recommended this group to family and friends!" — Missy

Phyllis Austin Shoulder Success Story - Results Physiotherapy


"Phyllis noticed pain and drastic limitations in her shoulder strength and range of motion after rather strenuous housework. We were able to work with her to improve how she moved her shoulder and reached overhead. After a couple of weeks, Phyllis decided she was ready to get back to taking care of her grandkids, no longer having the shoulder problems she started with."

Dan Austin Shoulder Success Story - Results Physiotherapy


"After a rotator cuff injury, physical therapy was instrumental to helping me regain full motion, strength, and confidence in my shoulder. I’m a very active person and my PT regimen got me back to my normal capacity. Sharwil was outstanding. She took the time to understand my limitations, explained my road map to recovery, and provided great guidance.”

Millie Austin Shoulder Success Story - Results Physiotherapy


"After having surgery in February, I have been very pleased with the progress made here. The staff has been wonderful. Being in the military we have high standards with our physical fitness and Maura has helped me get back to those standards and has supported my goals. I really don’t believe I would be as far along in my recovery if it were not for this team and the support. I have been challenged to overcome and have met these challenges. I will truly miss the friendship, guidance and support. However, I will be taking with me all I have learned and will be able to pass on to my Sailors the correct way of major exercises that will help us build our strength. Everything I have learned to build my core and strengthen my pelvic floor will continue to help me reach the rest of my goals. I owe it all to the TEAM."

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