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At Results Physiotherapy, we are a team with a unifying mission: to help people live without pain. Every role at Results Physiotherapy is essential, and every team member has a hand in helping our patients achieve their goals.

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At Results Physiotherapy we believe that people should not have to live with pain. We are committed to clinical excellence through professional development and industry-leading continuing education, supported by a culture of friendship.

Craig O'Neil, Chief Clinical Officer

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What Our Patients Are Saying

Phyllis Success Story - Results Physiotherapy


"Phyllis noticed pain and drastic limitations in her shoulder strength and range of motion after rather strenuous housework. We were able to work with her to improve how she moved her shoulder and reached overhead. After a couple of weeks, Phyllis decided she was ready to get back to taking care of her grandkids, no longer having the shoulder problems she started with."

Dan Success Story - Results Physiotherapy


"After a rotator cuff injury, physical therapy was instrumental to helping me regain full motion, strength, and confidence in my shoulder. I’m a very active person and my PT regimen got me back to my normal capacity. Sharwil was outstanding. She took the time to understand my limitations, explained my road map to recovery, and provided great guidance.”


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Take a look at some of the roles at Results and what the day to day activities might look like!

Physical Therapist (PT)

Our Physical Therapists are lifelong learners with a passion for helping people live without pain. Most Results PTs have achieved or are working toward their Certification in Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT), a three-year commitment that fewer than 10% of all PTs industry-wide earn.

At Results, our PTs are focused on helping patients get better,faster with comprehensive treatment programs that are focused on evaluating, educating, and treating patients with manual therapy techniques. In this role, each one of our Physical Therapists needs to be a problem solver as no two patients are the same. Our Physical Therapists work in tandem with both clinical and patient support staff to provide outstanding care to each one of our patients.

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Clinic Director (CD)

Results Physiotherapy Clinic Directors think and act like the owner of the business. CDs bring proven and consistent leadership that touches every aspect of the daily operations of their clinic. Clinic Directors are responsible for monitoring and managing all elements of their clinic to ensure that all staff and physical therapy team members are ensuring the highest quality of care for our patients.

Clinic Directors work closely with our District Operations Leaders (DOLs) to monitor and exceed all clinic performance measures. Clinic Directors help manage many of the administrative tasks for each one of our clinics including overseeing the onboarding of new staff, schedule allocation, clinic performance, and team development. Clinic Directors are an essential part of our operations as they help to ensure that each one of our PT team members is engaging with each patient and clinical goals are being met.

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Clinical Educator (CE)

A unique role among PT companies, CEs are a tangible example of the Results commitment to being the best. The Clinical Educator mentors Physical Therapists at every level and focuses on continually improving clinical quality and patient outcomes. Our Clinical Educators play a key role in making sure that each one of our Physical Therapists is in pursuit of clinical excellence and actively working to enhance their education and skill set.

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District Operations Leader (DOL)

The DOL ensures operational excellence in every clinic and acts as a general manager for their district. Each one of our District Operations Leaders are tasked with making sure that all clinical and support staff are focused on providing the best quality of care to our patients at all of the clinics within their district.

District Operations Leaders play an essential role in monitoring and ensuring the continuing education and development of all team members. District Operations Leaders are also tasked with monitoring, evaluating, and providing guidance on key performance and clinical metrics.

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Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)

Our PTAs work side-by-side with our PTs to ensure that every patient makes measurable progress in the completion of their care plan. Results PTAs help patients stay motivated and knowledgeable at every stage of their recovery.

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Patient Support Leader (PSL)

Results’ world-class outcomes and patient satisfaction start with our PSLs. The Patient Support Lead makes it easy for our patients to get scheduled, verify benefits, discuss costs, and select the most convenient clinic at which to receive treatment. Our Patient Support Leads help to ensure that everything in our clinic runs smoothly and systematically so that our clinical staff can focus their attention on helping each patient during the treatment process.

Our Patient Support Leads play a key role in helping build the communication between the patient and clinical staff, as our PSLs help to foster a dialogue to ensure that each patient is getting the treatment they're looking for.

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District Patient Support Lead (DPSL)

The DPSL trains, mentors, and evaluates clinic support staff to ensure every patient receives knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient service at every visit. Each one of our DPSLs provide guidance to our clinical support staff to ensure that each one of our clinics is striving for clinical excellence with efficient patient communication, organization, and administrative support.

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Patient Support Team

Patient Support Specialists (PSS) and Physical Therapy Techs (PTT) work in concert with other clinic team members to ensure that clinic operations run smoothly. Our patient support team members are positive, outgoing, and caring professionals and are essential to creating the engaging atmosphere our patients love.

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Account Manager (AM)

Our Account Managers are passionate about educating the healthcare community regarding Results’ unique approach to patient care. AMs share insights about our patient outcomes with referring healthcare providers, creating a communication loop that ensures strong partnerships within the community. Account Managers play a key role in working with the local healthcare community to highlight ways in which Results Physiotherapy can help their patients get back to doing what they love most.

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