Results Physical Therapy Videos

Results Physiotherapy specializes in Manual Therapy: a unique aspect of physical therapy that has proven to be profoundly effective for the treatment of over 100 common orthopedic conditions. Watch our video to discover more about this groundbreaking way to reduce pain and increase mobility, without the use of pain killers.

Understanding Pain and Orthopedic Rehabilitation at Results Physiotherapy

Craig O'Neil, Vice President of Clinical Excellence - Results Physiotherapy

Discover why Results Physiotherapy specializes in using manual therapy techniques to treat chronic pain, as well as the mobility challenges related to orthopedic surgeries like total knee replacement, rotator cuff repair, ACL surgery, and more.

Understanding and Treating Running Injuries

Brandon Ellison, Results Physiotherapy

Learn why a thorough pain and injury evaluation by a Results physical therapist can help runners of all skill and distance levels avoid serious injury and remain

Results Pelvic Health Specialty Clinics

Stacie Fedorka, Results Physiotherapy

Results Physiotherapy operates 12 clinics throughout the southeastern United States that specialize in non-surgical treatment of conditions unique to pelvic health. These conditions include urinary leakage/incontinence, pelvic pain, postpartum and pregnancy issues, low back pain, pain with sexual activity, and crhonic prostatitis, among others.

Overcoming Migraines and Chronic Headaches with Results Physical Therapy

Results Physiotherapy Patient Testimonial

Discover how manual physical therapy techniques can solve even the most painful chronic headaches—including those commonly misdiagnosed as migraine headaches—without the use of powerful pain killers.

Mommy Bounce Back

A 6 to 8 visit program designed to help moms get back to good postpartum health.

The first months after childbirth are exciting, and yes, exhausting. The good news: what you’re experiencing is common to nearly all moms. The better news: pelvic health physical therapy can help ensure it’s not your new normal. Whether you had your baby six weeks ago or 16 years ago, Mommy Bounce Back is all about you and your good health.

Results Physiotherapy Locations

With over 130 locations in nine states (and growing), Results likely has a physical therapy conveniently located near you.


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