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About Beyond Birth

"I'm excited about the Beyond Birth Program because it puts the focus on the mom. A lot of times, after pregnancy the focus is on the baby, and this is really our opportunity to put the mom in the spotlight. My name is Kelly Resha. I'm a pelvic health physical therapist here at Results Physiotherapy.

"The Beyond Birth Program  is a program designed specifically for postpartum women, in which we cover all areas of postpartum. That could be anything from back pain, hip pain, incontinence, painful intercourse, bowel, bladder, back conditions related to postpartum conditions. After a woman has a baby, there are a lot of different emotional states that she may be in. She may be overwhelmed, depressed, exhausted, and we understand that.

"The Beyond Birth Program is appropriate for any new mom, whether that's a vaginal delivery, whether that's a C-section delivery. Each one of those conditions comes with their own set of conditions that we treat. Many women have concerns about childcare when it comes to scheduling appointments. We encourage women, if they need to bring their children, to bring them, and we can use that as functional training for our treatment program. 

"When a new mom comes in, she is typically referred to by her OB/GYN, and that may be six, eight, twelve weeks after having her baby. I tell these women that, yes, they're coming here with these issues, but we try to educate these women that these conditions are normal, they aren't something that's going to be forever, and we're here to help them.

"After a few sessions with these new moms, they will typically start to see a change, whether that's reduction in pain, reduction in leakage, or they're just able to do more. They're able to lift their baby with less pain. They're able to start their workout routine with less leakage. 

"When they recognize that, when they see that change, that's that shining moment. That's when they think, okay, this isn't how my life has to be anymore. Seeing a new mom come in and being with her for a few sessions, there is a turning point in which she comes in and her pain, or her incontinence is improving. Seeing that confidence, and that awareness, and just that relief that this isn't something that's going to be forever, is really rewarding."

Conditions the Mommy Bounce Back Program Treats

The Results Physiotherapy Mommy Bounce Back program is designed to treat eight common but curable postpartum health conditions.


Incontinence is perhaps the most common postpartum condition. Carrying a child puts tremendous stress on your pelvic floor muscles. Over as many as nine months, those muscles stretch, and that usually causes both urinary and fecal incontinence. We'll teach you a variety of muscle strengthening exercises that you can do in your home, car, or while standing in line at the grocery store.

Return to exercise

New moms are often concerned with when and how to return to exercise, including running, yoga, biking, weight lifting and crosstraining. We'll diagnose how your body is recovering from your childbirth, and put you on an exercise plan that slowly and safely builds your strength back to where it was prior to your pregnancy. With a little help, you should be able to return to your normal activity a couple of months after childbirth.

Belly Issues

Your belly area undergoes a lot of change during pregnancy—both externally and internally. Some moms simply need some help getting their belly back into shape, while others may experience health conditions that require unique therapy—including Diastasis Recti. Regardless, we'll get aquainted with the pain and discomfort you may be experiencing in the belly area, and develop a plan to treat belly pain and discomfort.

Pain-free intercourse

Pain with intercourse is very common after childbirth, especially if there has been extensive tearing or an episiotomy. You may also experience a lack of desire due to painful sex, fatigue, changes in body image related to weight gain, and/or hormonal changes with breast feeding. We'll talk about issues you're concerned about, and discover ways to reduce and eventually completely eliminate pain during intercourse.

Tailbone pain

Some women have tailbone pain before pregnancy, during pregnancy, or during labor and delivery.  The baby passing through the birth canal may cause an injury such as a sprained, dislocation, bruise, or even a fracture of the tailbone. If your OB diagnosed a dislocated or fractured tailbone, we will develop a physical therapy plan that reduces tailbone pain, and speeds up healing.

Hip and pelvic pain

Nearly all moms experience some level of hip and/or pelvic pain. This can occur before and after the birth of your child and it can happen with a variety of activities. If not treated quickly, it can quickly transfer into hip and leg pain. This pain can limit your function, including finding a comfortable position while breast feeding, sleeping, or caring for your child. Our Pelvic Health therapists receive extended education and training in recognizing and treating the causes of pelvic pain and joint discomfort.

Back care and posture

Almost every activity associated with taking care of your baby, from diaper changing to car seats, is done in a forward leaning position. As a result, as many as 40% of all moms experience back pain as much as six months after childbirth—and some even longer. Knowing the best way to carry, lift and feed your baby can help keep your back in its best shape.

Scar tissue

Scars begin to form the day after your surgery. Research proves that the earlier you begin to manage and mobilize them the less discomfort you will have later in life. Your Pelvic Health Therapist will offer a few tips for treatment of your C-section and/or episiotomy scar. 

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