Avance Care, a next generation primary care organization located in the Triangle area of North Carolina, recently announced a formalized partnership with Results.

“We’re pleased to announce this partnership,” says Avance Care CEO and co-founder Manish Patel, “because it’s so consistent with our mission of providing outstanding patient care and customer experience in a manner that’s financially responsible.

“We’ve been working with Results for several years now,” adds Dr. Joanne Fruth, Medical Director at Avance Care, “and our experience confirms that Results represents the best first line of intervention for a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions. A referral to Results is fast and simple for the patient, and Avance Care providers are fully informed on the patient’s progress. It’s coordination of care that benefits the patient, and that’s always our number one priority.”

Both Results Physiotherapy and Avance Care have multiple locations in the Triangle area, offer extended hours of operation, and are located in close proximity to ensure patient access is never an issue. Further, both Avance Care and Results accept most insurance plans, and offer cash-pay options as well. 

Visit AvanceCare.com to learn more about their vision for convenient, effective, and affordable healthcare.

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