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Why is a clinical rotation with Results Physiotherapy different?

Over the years, Results Physiotherapy has built a reputation of clinical excellence by providing a unique clinical rotation program with affiliated universities aimed at developing a student’s core of manual therapy palpation and treatment skills. This reputation enables Results to attract many talented senior therapists who share the same passion for educating and mentoring other motivated and committed students and therapists.

The goal of our affiliation rotations is to provide students with an introduction to the best, evidence-based education programs in the US. With Results, students learn through tutorials in a live clinical setting. These tutorials are intended to teach and improve a student’s clinical reasoning skills, manual therapy interventions, exercise prescription and patient education.

Our clinical education program has years of intentional development. We want the PT students that come to Results to finish with confidence and proficiency in their manual therapy skills, differential diagnosis, and clinical reasoning. We want the PTA students that come to us to be proficient in prescription of therapeutic exercises and activities and be confident in the application of the treatments that the care team deems best. We structured our clinical education program to challenge and engage the best and brightest physical therapy students.

Our education programs are initially based on Maitland mobilization techniques and centered around current hands-on techniques focused on finding and relieving the patient’s pain. Ultimately, our Maitland-based curriculum is then enhanced by evidence-based material and techniques from a variety of additional approaches forming an eclectic and unique treatment style, which has been proven to deliver superior patient outcomes.

Results Physiotherapy is a true private practice, outpatient, and orthopedic manual-therapy company dedicated to demonstrating how quality physical therapy—delivered by well-trained and licensed physical therapists—can be a cost saver to the US health care system. To achieve this, our therapists commit to education programs equipping them with a unique manual therapy skill set and combine manual therapy intervention with evidence based, specific exercise prescriptions. The quality of our therapists directly correlates to the quality of our clinical instructors, which helps to make our clinical education program one of the most sought-after in the country, both for PT and PTA students.

Have questions? Contact our Site Coordinator for Clinical Education, Alyssa Matheny,

Results Physiotherapy as a Clinical Site

We strive to provide our students with the best outpatient, manual therapy, and orthopedic affiliation available. During structured group tutorials, lead by members of our education team, students receive one-on-one time with therapist and CIs. We provide students with an extensive pre-affiliation packet containing guidelines, reading materials, objectives, and a pre-affiliation questionnaire. Completion of these packets is mandatory prior to the affiliation. This ensures students are adequately prepared for the types of patients they will see in our clinics and become familiar with the rules and laws in the affiliated state.

If you have not yet received a password, please email Alyssa Matheny,

Shadowing and Observing in the Results Environment

Results Physiotherapy is happy to provide volunteer and observation experiences for those wishing to learn more about the field of physical therapy. Please refer to the locations page on our website to locate potential clinics where you would be able to complete your hours. It is your responsibility to call the clinic directly and ask to speak to the Patient Lead Support in the clinic. The PSL will be the one that will be able to either accommodate your request or direct you to another location.

In order to complete your request to be a Shadow/Guest in a clinic, you will need to review and agree to the Guidelines and Dress Code requirements of Results Physiotherapy Centers listed below. You will also be required to complete the provided HIPAA training. Print and sign the Signature Sheet linked below and bring with you to your assigned clinic.

Mandatory volunteer documents for Shadowing/Observation:

Dress Code
Signature Sheet

Affiliate Login

If you are a physical therapy student that has been assigned a Results rotation, click HERE to login to obtain your affiliation packet information.

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