Amber Winkler, Mother of twin girls, Millington, Tennessee

I said, "Hey. I have a surprise." He was like, "Okay." I said, "There were two heartbeats." He had to get up against a wall and he said, "What do you mean there are two heartbeats?" It was crazy stressful.

I'm Amber Winkler. I live in Millington, which is a suburb of Memphis. I have three daughters, a three year old and three month old twins. When I found out that I was carrying twins, I was really concerned because I'd already had a nine pound baby and then had a lot of pain afterwards, and so what was I going to do with two of them? What was it going to do to my body?

In reality, a seven pound and a five pound baby, it did take their toll. That was a lot to deal with on my body.

I was having a lot of discomfort and pain in my pelvic region when I was trying to do things like stand up. The absolute worst was getting out of bed, which anybody that has newborns knows you have to be able to do all night. Especially with two, I was getting up all the time.Amber Winkler and her husband bottle feed their two twin girls.

When I went in for my six week check-up, I was explaining to my doctor all the pain I was having, so he recommended me go to Results because he said that he wasn't really an expert in that area of dealing with the pain and things and that I should see a physical therapist to help with that.

I didn't realize that other people were experiencing it. I didn't know there was even pelvic therapy. I thought it was just going to be a regular physical therapist. It was nice to know that this is common enough that there are people who specialize in it.

It's like you're talking to a doctor is what it felt like. They welcome any questions or any concerns without thinking anything of it. She would say, "Oh yes. This happens to some women". Some women it's so extreme that they can't get up and down, so you're doing really well. We'll have it all better. You'll be back to normal. 

That was a big relief because it's stressful to think about trying to take care of a baby when you're in pain. Giving birth is painful enough, but then to have this extra added on pain that's slowing you down, making it harder to take care of your baby, is a real problem.

I'm glad to be basically back to normal. I got a few pounds to go, but other than that, I'm able to function like I always have, which I love. 

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