Post-Covid Rehabilitation

For those who have experienced the devastating effects of the pandemic, resuming life may be harder than anticipated. Many patients who are recovering, particularly those with severe symptoms or who were hospitalized,  are challenged with issue of shortness of breath, decreased lung capacity of upwards of 30%, deconditioning, loss of mobility, loss of balance leading to increased fall risk, general fatigue, muscle aches, and inability to do the things they want and need to do.

The patients who are at risk for the most severe symptoms, are also likely to have the most difficulty in the recovery process. These shared co-morbidities include individuals who are older and obese, have chronic and poorly controlled health conditions such as diabetes, lung disease (including asthma), heart conditions, comprised immunity (including from smoking) and liver and kidney disease. However, many people who do not have these co-morbidities are also struggling to recover back to normal physical function and can benefit from this program.

How can Physical Therapy Help? 

There are many known benefits of exercise, strengthening, cardiovascular training, functional training, education and manual therapy in the rehabilitation process. Physical therapists can not only reduce symptoms in patients with respiratory diseases through breathing techniques but with individualized and properly dosed progressive exercise programs that can improve patient’s quality of life significantly. Exercise has been proven to augment a host of immune defenses.

Our physical therapists are experts in musculoskeletal examinations and functional assessment and are well trained in respiratory assessments and treatments. Our clinics also have the necessary tools such as spirometers and oxygen saturation monitors to keep patients safe, develop individualized  programs and track both functional and physiologic  progress.

Results Post-Covid Treatment 

This program is offered in select markets and designed to be provided either in person or from a distance using our Virtual Therapy via telehealth platform.This 4 Stage program is delivered by our highly skilled Physical Therapists over an 8 week period. If you or a loved on are struggling with recovery post COVID, we encourage you to reach out to a clinic near you today or request an appointment here

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