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"I would wake up dreading what was going to happen today. All the doctor would prescribe were nine pills a month, and sometimes I would have twenty headaches a month. I had to determine how bad my headache was to decide whether or not I should take my pills."

It seems everyone, at some point, gets some form of chronic head pain. Some types of head pain can be as simple as a slight tinge of pain in the temples that comes and goes. Others can be so debilitating that they sentence you to a dark bedroom for hours or even days at a time.

Complaining about having a headache and other types of chronic head pain can seem as American as baseball and apple pie, but if headaches become a way of life — or worse alter the very course of your life — the solution will likely be more than just popping some Tylenol.

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What's Causing the Head Pain

If you do a Google search about headaches and other types of head pain, you'll be presented with literally thousands of search results. It's enough to give you a headache!

And sometimes the "causes" for a headache or head pain can be as strange and frustrating as the headaches themselves. But while headaches are incredibly common, they don't have to be mysterious.

"Headaches don't just happen," said Craig O'Neal, Vice President of Clinical Excellence at Results Physiotherapy. "Pain is usually caused by something in the body, and headaches are no different. The key is to discover why the pain is happening — good, old fashioned investigative Q&A. Determining the source of a patient's head pain is the key to getting them better."

Types of Head Pain

There are several common painful conditions that can cause chronic head pain including dizziness or balance issues, headaches, vertigo, and TMJ Disorder.

Dizziness or Balance Issues

Dizziness and losing one's balance could cause headaches or chronic head pain.

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Headaches are a common ailment and can have many causes.

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Ever feel like the room is spinning? Learn how Vertigo can cause head pain.

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TMJ Disorder

Find it difficult chewing or yawning due to pain? Learn how TMJ can contribute to head pain.

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Treatment of Head Pain with Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be a great treatment option for individuals who are looking to seek relief from chronic head pain. At Results Physiotherapy, you'll work with a licensed physical therapist who will work to identify the potential underlying causes of your head pain with a thorough evaluation. From there, your PT will develop a custom rehabilitation plan that is specific to your unique needs and goals to help you alleviate your chronic head pain.

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