Abdomen/Pelvic Pain Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy for Abdomen/Pelvis Pain


Symptoms vary between painful conditions which include pain around tailbone, lower abdominal pain, groin pain, low back pain, pelvic floor pain, and hip pain. Symptoms also include bowel and or bladder dysfunction, and sexual dysfunction. This includes urinary retention and frequency, constipation, and pain with intercourse. These painful conditions can lead to pain with sitting, urination, bowel movements, and intercourse. The symptoms are frequently described as burning, aching, stabbing, and throbbing. These symptoms can occur in men and women.


Frequently these symptoms are caused by pelvic floor muscle dysfunction which can be weakness or spasm of these muscles. Common history includes abdominal surgeries (hysterectomy, C-section, prostatectomy), and infections. Common history includes pelvic surgeries (prolapse, bladder sling, mesh), trauma (falls, accidents), high levels of stress & anxiety, traumatic delivery (episiotomy, laceration), and sexual abuse.


Effective treatment requires a comprehensive evaluation of pelvis, lumbar spine, and hips. Hands on therapy includes joint and soft tissue mobilization, and muscular re-training. These are effective techniques for normalizing muscle tone of the pelvic floor. Treatment may also include modalities such as: bio-feedback, ultra-sound, and electrical stimulation.

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