Feature: Patients Find Success with COVID-19 Recovery Program at Results Physiotherapy

Results Physiotherapy and our Post-COVID Treatment Program was recently featured on the Lex18 news channel. As we continue to grapple with the Coronavirus, a large percentage of individuals still experience long-term symptoms and need an effective recovery program to get back to doing the things they love most. The Lex18 news channel highlighted the success patients are finding when using our Post-COVID Treatment Program. Physical therapy is a great treatment option for individuals who are experiencing long-term COVID-19 effects including headaches, joint pain, chronic cough, depression, muscle pain, chest pain, and more! 

Check out the Lex18 News Channel video on Results Physiotherapy and our Post-COVID Treatment Program! If you or somebody you know has dealt with COVID-19 in the past, Book an Appointment Today to learn more about how our Post-COVID Treatment Program can help you!


Posted by Ryan Bucci at 10:00
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