How Athletes Stay On Top Of Their Game with Physical Therapy

Athletes put in a lot of work to be at the top of their game and excel in their respective sports. There is a fine line when it comes to pushing their bodies to the limit without developing an injury. This is why it's important to keep athletes performing at the top of their game for as long as possible. It's essential to spend some time on injury prevention or rehabilitation, which is best done with the assistance of a Physical Therapist. We've identified some of the ways in which athletes of all ages can use Physical Therapy to stay on top of their game.

Injury Prevention

Injuries can either make or break an athlete's career, especially at the pro level where notching a name in the record books could be decided on whether or not you had to sit out a game or two because of an injury.

There is a long list of reasons that an athlete could sustain an injury, but there are steps that every single athlete can do to reduce their likelihood of future injuries. The most common reason that an athlete could sustain an injury is due to overuse and pushing their body too far, too soon.

Physical Therapy not only helps athletes understand how an injury could happen but actively takes steps to prevent future injuries through comprehensive treatment and education programs. At Results, we work to ensure that the athlete understands any limitations their mobility might have on their performance, how to build strength, control all available ranges, and recover from previously sustained injuries. Part of this comprehensive education and treatment program is designed to help educate each athlete on some potential injuries they could sustain from certain sports, and the measures they can take to ensure they spend more time playing the sport they love and less time on the bench.

Pain Reduction

One of the biggest hurdles that an athlete needs to overcome each year are the aches and pains that add up throughout the year. When putting your season on hold isn't an option, reducing the pain you experience throughout the season is important. One way Physical Therapy can help you reduce and alleviate the pain you experience through manual therapy techniques.

At Results Physiotherapy, we use manual therapy techniques to identify potential trigger points, muscle tension, or irritated joint segments or nerves that could be contributing to your pain. From there, our licensed Physical Therapists will select techniques to help improve the muscle, joint, or nerve function, and prescribe supporting exercises and stretches to alleviate and reduce the pain you could be experiencing.

If you've begun to notice that you're experiencing pain or have a nagging injury that just won't go away, it's important to see a Physical Therapist to identify what could be going wrong and take preventive steps before it becomes a significant injury.

Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation

Part of getting back to playing the sports you love and competing at a high level starts with making sure that you recover and rehabilitate properly from previous injuries. Even the smallest injuries can turn into chronic pain over time if you don't take them seriously and get the recommended treatment.

Physical Therapy is a great way for athletes to recover effectively and get back to doing what they love. At Results Physiotherapy, each one of our Physical Therapists will work with you to design a personalized treatment program that will help you recover effectively and actively work to reach your goals. This personalized treatment program starts with a comprehensive assessment where one of our Physical Therapists will work with you to determine functional capacity, range of motion, flexibility, pain levels, and more.

Once you begin the injury recovery process, the journey will focus on reducing the pain you experience, restoring mobility, and rebuilding strength to get back to where you were pre-injury.

Helps All Ages and Athlete Skill Levels

Physical Therapy can help athletes of all ages and athletic skill levels. Physical Therapy is a great option for all athletes who are looking to reduce the likelihood of an injury, learn more about safe exercise practices, and rehab from a previously sustained injury. You don't need to be a professional athlete to take advantage of some of the many benefits of Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy is a great tool to educate adolescents and teenagers about the proper way to perform certain exercises and gain insight into how to prevent future injuries. Teenagers aren't exempt from sports injuries, which is why it's so important that young athletes understand how to train properly, take steps to reduce future injuries, and are actively engaging in a treatment program when they do sustain an injury.

Sports injuries are common for youth athletes, and they can sustain similar injuries to adults including muscle sprains, strains, tendon issues, and more. Adults who previously played sports during their developmental years, still exercise, or participate in a friendly recreational league can also benefit from Physical Therapy to treat some of those aches and pains that have been with them for a considerable amount of time.

Adults who pushed through the pain or ignored their body's warning signs when they were younger may be more at risk for a chronic issue later on in life. Physical Therapy is a great tool to help adults with chronic pain from injuries they sustained while they were younger. In addition, Physical Therapy is beneficial to motivate and educate older individuals who need a little bit of extra attention for effective recovery after a sports injury.

Stay On Top Of Your Sports Game With Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists are capable of helping you treat and overcome over 100 conditions, which means that no matter the sport you play, our licensed Physical Therapists can help you prevent future injuries, alleviate the pain you're experiencing, and recover effectively.

Physical Therapy can is a great option for all athletes who are looking to up their game and stay healthy throughout the year, no matter the sport they play. Schedule an appointment today to connect with a Physical Therapist who can help you maximize your athletic performance.

Posted by Ryan Bucci at 8:00 AM
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