5 Reasons To Work in Outpatient Physical Therapy

One of the biggest decisions physical therapists need to make is choosing where they'd like to make a difference in their patient's lives. Physical therapists, like many other healthcare professions, have the ability to choose between several different care environments including outpatient clinics, hospitals, home healthcare services, self-employment, and residential care facilities. Take a look at some of the key reasons you should work in outpatient physical therapy at Results Physiotherapy!

Consistent Schedule

One of the great things about working in outpatient physical therapy is the consistent schedule. Compared to some of the other clinical environments you can work in as a physical therapist, when you work in outpatient physical therapy at Results Physiotherapy, you'll have a consistent schedule Monday through Friday. This means you won't have to spend any late-night hours walking through the hospital wing to catch up on your workload of patients.

Daily Challenges and Variety

Working in an outpatient setting also means that you'll get to interact with and treat patients who come from a variety of different backgrounds. If you're passionate about finding a clinical setting where you'll have a different type of challenge every single day, you should consider working in outpatient physical therapy.

Every day will be different and exciting when you get to treat patients who all have their unique treatment needs and goals. At Results Physiotherapy, we treat over 100 conditions which means that on any given day you could have a new and exciting challenge which makes each day unique.

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Patients Who Want To Get Better

Another great reason you should consider working in an outpatient setting is the ability to work with patients who genuinely want to get better. Patients who seek care at an outpatient clinic often want to alleviate pain and improve. This means that you don't have to feel like you're working with patients who are just trying to get a checkbox on a form or are simply going through the motions because someone asked them to. Instead, you'll get the opportunity to work with patients who are committed to their care and getting better just as much as you are which is exciting!

Growing Number of Outpatient Clinics

Across the industry, outpatient physical therapy clinics are growing rapidly. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), physical therapists can expect steady employment throughout their career as the projected growth for the profession is 18%, much faster than the average growth for others.

In addition, Results Physiotherapy has over 200 clinics and we're rapidly growing each year. If you're passionate about finding a career environment where the organization, career opportunities, and industry is growing, you should consider a career at Results Physiotherapy!

Education Opportunities

There is an opportunity to learn something new every day when a patient walks through the doors seeking care. Working in an outpatient physical therapy setting means that you get to interact with and work alongside talented PTs and clinical team members from all walks of life who can help you learn new ways to diagnose and treat patients.

At Results Physiotherapy, we take great pride in our continuing education efforts as we offer free continuing education to all physical therapists to ensure that we consistently provide top outcomes for our patients. In addition, we have Clinical Educators who are passionate about educating our clinical staff on new research, clinical documentation, and treatment methods to ensure that we provide the best care we can to our patients. Working in outpatient physical therapy means that you get to learn and implement up-to-date treatment methods and work alongside people who are as passionate about learning new things every day.

Work in Outpatient Physical Therapy at Results Physiotherapy

Are you excited about working in outpatient physical therapy and looking to join an organization that is as passionate as you are about helping patients get back to doing the things they love most? If so, join our team at Results Physiotherapy! We have job postings available for both clinical and non-clinical roles in our outpatient clinics across the country. Choose Results Physiotherapy as your next career destination!

Posted by Ryan Bucci at 7:00 AM
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