Craig O'Neil

Chief Clinical Officer

Craig O'Neil, Vice President of Learning and AffiliationWhen Craig O'Neil was a student, his wife Kim ruptured a disc in her lower back. Initially, Craig was frustrated that physical therapy wasn’t providing relief as quickly as he hoped. A colleague approached him with the option of manually based, hands-on physical therapy. The treatment ultimately helped Kim avoid surgery completely, and today she’s pain-free, physically active, and helping to raise their three children.

For Craig, the decision to pursue manual therapy was clear, and in 2003 received his manual therapy certification through his Residency training with the Ola Grimsby Institute, and became a board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist in 2005. Craig joined Results in 2008, and a year later received his Doctorate of Manual Therapy. He was also awarded the Tennessee Physical Therapy Association Clinical Excellence Award.

As the Chief Clinical Officer, Craig is committed to ensuring every Results patient receives world-class, manually-based physical therapy. Craig also teaches other therapists the hands-on approach at both the local and national level, through the Institute of Advanced Musculoskeletal Treatments (, an organization he co-founded.

“I am fortunate to work with so many outstanding therapists that are genuinely focused on clinical excellence. I am very proud of the commitment that all of our therapists make to improve their ability to change patients’ lives.”

Recently, Craig has expanded his training and expertise to pain science and the treatment of persistent pain. With the explosive increase of opioids for pain management, Craig’s timing couldn’t be better.

“Opioids are often a poor choice for long-term, persistent pain. Physical therapy – particularly the approach to PT we practice at Results – can have an amazing impact on quality of life and pain management. We’re still learning so much about the brain and how pain manifests itself in our bodies, I feel this is the next frontier for physical therapy and helping our patients to live without pain.”

In his free time, Craig is an avid cyclist who loves mountain and road biking, and he currently coaches the Williamson County Cycling Team, a regional high school mountain bike team. His three kids also keep him and his wife busy, with a schedule filled with cheerleading, soccer, baseball and basketball.

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