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If you’ve been struggling with any injuries and are in need of a physical therapist, our friendly team at Results Physiotherapy can help you relieve pain, restore mobility and get you back to living pain free!

Our therapists at Results Physiotherapy specialize in manual therapy. Manual Therapy has been proven to help individuals, patients, and clients get better, faster without using pain-killers or surgery. For patients who are looking for an alternative solution to addictive pain-killers or costly surgery, Manual Therapy is a great alternative to consider.

Our Brownsboro Location: Expertly Staffed to Serve You

Our Brownsboro-Louisville location is conveniently located just off of the Gene Snyder Freeway. Our clinic is near all kinds of amenities, including shopping centers to visit before your appointment and a wide variety of restaurants for lunch or dinner. When you visit our Brownsboro location, you can expect experienced staff who have had success in treatment over 100 conditions. We provide manual therapy techniques and we're also trained to treat sports injuries, workplace injuries, and administer dry needling treatments.

Find Treatment for the Following Conditions & More

In Brownsboro, we've treated a slew of different conditions requiring physical therapy. The team at Results Physiotherapy specializes in pain and injuries in several parts of the body. If you've recently injured or felt ongoing pain in any of these body parts, we may have an effective solution for you:

Beyond these general categories of specialization, our staff is also trained in pediatric injuries. Children are easily injured during sports games, accidental falls, and pediatric overuse. If your child is experiencing knee, heel, or frequent ankle sprains for any reason, Results Physiotherapy is your go-to clinic. Our physical therapists are proud to offer comprehensive services to our patients, no matter their age or condition.

Advanced Physical Therapy Services

Treat Your Pain in Brownsboro-Louisville, KY

It should go without saying but no one likes living in pain. However, many Americans resign themselves to dealing with their chronic pain in silence. If this is the case for you, Results Physiotherapy is here to help. Our clinics in the Louisville, KY Metro Area are fully staffed with dedicated physical therapists ready to give you the treatment you need. We're proud to operate one of our clinics in the Brownsboro community of Louisville. If you live in or around Brownsboro, visit our physical therapists for pain relief solutions.

Reduce Your Pain with Results Physiotherapy in Brownsboro

If you've been considering physical therapy treatments but don't know where to start, Results Physiotherapy is here for you. With a wide array of specialties and treatment techniques, we're well-equipped to help alleviate your pain and restore your quality of life. At our Brownsboro clinic, we understand our patients have full schedules. We welcome walk-ins and are always happy to work around your schedule. Regardless of your condition, whether chronic or acute, Results Physiotherapy wants to help you live pain-free. We accept most insurance, so don't hesitate to schedule a consultation. Contact us today with any questions or to request more information.

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Our Mission

At Results Physiotherapy we believe that people should not have to live with pain. We are committed to clinical excellence through professional development and industry-leading continuing education, supported by a culture of friendship.

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Learn about Trigger Point Dry Needling at Results Physiotherapy

Discover how this ground-breaking form of physical therapy can immediately resolve some of the most challenging muscle spams and knots.

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Results Physiotherapy Locations

If you would like to schedule an appointment, speak with the physical therapist, or simply have a question, just fill out this simple form and someone will contact you within one business day. If you need to reschedule an appointment, please call your local Results clinic directly.

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