John Moore, Patient

“I had been seeing a neurologist for migrane headaches and I had taken a lot of powerful medications, a lot of them made me feel really bad. It got to the point where I was having to have nerve block shots once every three months and I eventually went to see Leslie at Results Physiotherapy in Hendersonville. She worked with me a little bit and she found a trigger spot on my back right behind my shoulder blade and we began to work on that and I hardly ever have a migraine headache anymore. It was because she listened, she knew, and she put the pieces together, and was very put together and professional. She went to work and solved my problems!”

Were you referred to Results?

“Yes, as a matter of fact I talked to my primary care physician about my migraine headaches and he was the one that said, “go to Results physical therapy, they’re the best physical therapy group around.” And so, I went. I had tried physical therapy once before and it helped a little bit, but it was totally different with her because she found the trigger point and I didn’t even know where it was, you know. It was because she was smart and professional and put it together, and she fixed it.”

I dont think most people connect headaches with physical therapy and I’m sure you were the same way, right?

“Absolutely. I’d had migraine headaches for ten years and I was being treated in a lot of different ways. At first it was just medication for the headache and then they became progressively worse and I really wanted something to kind of stop it. I saw a neurologist and ended up taking a lot of powerful medications that I didn’t like or feel good after taking them. Eventually I was getting nerve block shots that gave me some relief, but it had some side effects to, you know.

I went back to my primary care physician and he was the one who sent me to Results Physiotherapy and it was amazing to me. That was one of those moments we talked about earlier that brings tears to your eyes. When someone listens and hears and they tell you I can take care of that and sure enough she found this trigger point behind my shoulder blade and for the first time in ten years it felt like I was getting help. Significant help.

That must have been an emotional experience for you.

“Yeah, there's something really special about going in, you know, we all have aches and pains particularly as we get older and that seems to be a part of life, but when something gets to where it impacts the quality of your life and nobody seems to really pay attention to it, but when you go into a place like Results Physiotherapy and they listen, they understand, and they really care, there’s something dynamic that goes on. Its one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever had because I went in and I trusted this person, they demonstrated professionalism, knowledge, and helped me. They impacted the quality of my life, which was the biggest thing.”

So, you had migraines and I’ve had experience with that. You said you struggled for how long with them?

“For ten years and I had tried physical therapy once and got minimal results out of it and was really and truly taking a lot of medication. It was ten years that I had migraine headaches and thats why when Leslie was working on my back and found this trigger point, I almost cried because it felt so good and I began to see a difference.

I would wake up dreading what was going to happen today and nine pills a month was all the doctor would prescribe and sometimes I would have twenty headaches a month. I had to determine how bad my headache was to decide whether or not I should take my pills. It was ridiculous, but its the gospel truth.

"I would wake up dreading what was going to happen today and nine pills a month was all the doctor would prescribe and sometimes I would have twenty headaches a month. I had to determine how bad my headache was to decide whether or not I should take my pills. It was ridiculous, but its the gospel truth."

Between the insurance and my doctor, I could only have nine pills a month and would have twenty headaches and would have to wait until it got really, really bad in order to take medication.

So if I could say anything to anybody thats struggling with headaches, whether it’s migraines headaches or just chronic headaches, Results really impacted the quality of my life. It changed the way I do things. I’m really grateful for those folks and you can tell it comes from my heart, I hope.”

I can only imagine what its like to wake up in the morning and try to figure out what you’re going to choose to risk to do based on what you know is going to happen. 

Exactly. And you know, I would get halfway through the month and I had used five pills and would only have four left. So, I would have to determine whether this headache is worse today than its going to be tomorrow.”

I can’t even imagine what it must’ve been like for you to be on the backside of that.

“I love those people! I love those people at Results. They know my name, they know whats going on with me, and they take care of me. Its powerful, like I said, its so spiritual and powerful. It’s just great. They know my name, I go in, they know what I need done today and they take care of me. There’s something thats a little bit shameful, I think, to have to go get somebody to help you with your leg or your arm or your neck, but they take all the shame out of it. I’ve just really fallen in love with those people. I’m sorry… has anyone else cried today?

"I don’t know how you get such good people to work at Results, but every person on your team up here that I’ve had any sort of interaction with has been dynamic! They’re great! They’re concerned, they’re caring, and they’re compassionate. I don’t know if they’re just able to attract the best, or if theres a qualification. She talked about Craig, the owner of the company, and she said that he just really wants those kinds of people working for their organization.”


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