Throbbing Pain in Knees

I have not worked out in years, and tonight I had my first kickboxing class. Since then, I have been in horrible throbbing pain from my knees up to my hips. Both legs are also hot to the touch. Is this normal or okay from a workout, or should I worry?

Most likely, you are experiencing normal post exercise muscle soreness, and this will be worse with extreme and unusual activity. I’m guessing you weren’t actually getting kicked or struck in your upper legs, so it’s likely from the muscle activity.

Delayed onset muscle soreness will usually take a few days to resolve and should improve day to day. There’s not much to be done to help it other than time. Keeping gently active, avoiding anything extreme, and stretching gently will help you recover more predictably.

The only precautions about what you’re experiencing could be if you did have a heavy fall or were struck, if there are other symptoms that are coming with it (numbness in your legs, inability to weight-bear, dark brown/red urine, kidney pain), or if you are not improving or getting worse over the next couple of days. Any serious condition is quite unlikely, but if you have concerns I would suggest visiting your physician or a walk-in clinic.

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